Affordable Whitetail Hunts

Affordable Whitetail Hunts.  They always start with Bushy Creek Whitetails!
Everyone today is price conscious to one degree or another. And we can’t say as we can blame you. We certainly understand. No one wants to see their money go to waste. So the owners of Bushy Creek Whitetails has put together a money saving package to make your dreams of whitetail hunting much more affordable.

First, lets take a look at our standard prices. $1300 for early archery hunts, and $1450 for November rut archery or firearms hunts is a pretty affordable price to start. But our efforts to make whitetail hunts more affordable doesn’t stop there.  No sir !

We are going to provide your non resident Indiana hunting license along with an either sex deer tag for you absolutely free when you purchase one of our trophy whitetail hunting packages.

But we’re not done yet!

If you want to bring along a youth hunter who has a youth license, then we’ll let that young hunter come along with you for free.  You provide the youth license, and we’ll provide him with 5 full days of hunting, absolutely for free.  No charge for anything. And if the youngster takes a deer or multiple deer, it doesn’t affect the number of deer the adult hunter is eligible to take.  And we’ll feed that youngster, and provide him or her with bottled water while they are in the field as well !  And you know how much kids can eat these days !

Just take a look at the faces on these happy young hunters !  If you want to get your child’s attention away from their cell phone for a few days and get them back in the real world, then take them whitetail deer hunting and let them harvest themselves a whitetail on their own !  What a sense of accomplishment and learning,  to instill confidence and memories to last a lifetime.

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But we’re not finished yet.  If you get three of your buddies to book a hunt with you as a group, we’ll deduct $100.00 from the cost of all four or your hunting packages.  That’s a $400.00 discount for the entire group !

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These is nothing better than hunting with a bunch of your friends !

And we’re going to feed and provide you with a comfortable place to sleep.  We are going to start  with dinner the day you arrive, then three square meals over the next five days, then we’ll feed you and your group breakfast on the morning you leave after your hunt is finished  That’s  because we don’t want you to get hungry on the road after you leave.  And we certainly don’t want you leaving the very night after you come in from hunting.  Tired and possibly sleepy and having to find a place to stay late at night.  Nope !  We want you well rested and well fed for your trip back home.  So our guests stay and extra night and are able to sit around the fire and talk about their hunt.

Now just think for a moment about how much you would spend on groceries if you were back at home.  That’s 17 meals we are going to provide each member of your group including kids.  17 meals that you didn’t have to pay for.  And 17 meals you didn’t have to buy for your youngster.

So yes, we think we have some of the most affordable trophy whitetail hunts in the entire Midwest.  And we’ve got the low prices and we’ve got the quality deer to back that up !

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You want affordable whitetail hunts?  Well we got you covered !

Affordable Saskatchewan Bear Hunting

Looking for Affordable Saskatchewan Bear Hunting ?

Marlon Parasiuk started guiding when he was a lad of only 13 years. His father ran a Canadian moose, whitetail deer and black bear outfitting camp back in the late 1950′s through the early 1980′s. In 1981 Marlon became an licensed Canadian outfitter, just as the hunting outfitting industry started to take off in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. Having outfitted for a variety of species and fish, Marlon’s primary focus has been centered around archery hunting for big Saskatchewan Black Bears.

In his 45 plus years as a licensed Canadian outfitter Marlon’s clients have taken well over 1500  bears in different areas of Saskatchewan. His clients have also put about 1000 bears in the record books, both in the Pope and Young and the Boone and Crocket book.  In addition, at one time his clients held a number of spots in the top 10 overall.

His camp guides have a history of working hard for their clients to ensure they have a very  successful trip. In 2002 Marlon moved his operation into a new area in northern Saskatchewan. An area that has seen very little or no hunting pressure in several decades. The bears in this area have no natural predators.  As a consequence they are relaxed and tend to move at any time during the day. This fact and the long hours of daylight make for a winning combination.  And that insures lots of repeat clients. Some have been with Marlon for 3 generations and have been hunting with him for well over 25 years.